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Traditional Roots, Sustainable Future

Indigenous family businesses balance ancestral wisdom with modern marketing. In this Collection, we're proud to bring you stories from Ethiopia, Australia, Colombia, the US and Mexico in a new interactive format.

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Symbiotic Aquaponic:
Systems of Change

Not only does the name Symbiotic Aquaponic describe the business Kaben Smallwood founded with his brother, Shelby, but it is also a tribute to the values that inform its trajectory.

Collaborating to Create Prosperity

For the Oromo people of Ethiopia, coffee is a way of life. Thanks to the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, they now see an appropriate share of the profits from a global market that depends on their labour and expertise.

Dixza Rugs and Organic Farm:
Weaving Worlds Together

In a remote Mexican mountain village, a modern approach to combining marketing with ancient artisanship has helped a 14,000-year-old rug-making craft find a global audience.

Sol de Minca:
Connectivity Through Indigenous Collaboration

Sol de Minca, a Colombian eco-resort, inspires its guests to reconnect with their surroundings in the most authentic way - with their indigenous neighbours guiding the way.

Mending the Future Through the Wisdom of the Past

Today's fast-paced societies seem far removed from the traditions of the world's Aboriginal peoples. Yet the wisdom conveyed through the stories and art of those cultures has never been more pertinent.